KB National System – No Link

Category : Latest Club News

It is understood that the antenna mast on Mt Egmont has fallen over and is awaiting repair. So whilst the KB National System Repeater is still operational, there is currently no link into the wider National System, as Kapiti links to the network via Egmont (as do a number of other stations).
If members can hit Belmont from Kapiti, this will allow you to communicate with the Wellington and the South Island links. And if you can hit Wharite, this will allow you to communicate with the Palmerston North, Mt Erin, Gisborne and Wairarapa links.
There are no links further north until Egmont is back online.
At this stage there is no ETA on repairs to Egmont but this will be done as soon as practically possible (due to location and weather) and we will update members as soon as things are back online.