Website Migrated

Category : Latest Club News

A few months ago, the server that hosted the ZL2KB website in the USA reached operating capacity. As a result of this, the website response time slowed significantly and the website often timed out. There was also no room for new content to be uploaded.

The cost involved to “upgrade” the server was not proportional to the use the website gets , so a decision was made to move the ZL2KB website to a locally hosted server that has already been setup for hosting the ZL2KB Digital Dashboards and the XLX751 reflector.

As such, the migration took place earlier this week and was done with only a few minor issues (now resolved). Content that was intended for upload on the old server will be published as soon as possible. A special thanks goes to Hayden ZL2WD (Branch 20) for his support in setting up the server and helping with the migration.