XLX750 – Multi Mode Digital Reflector

Category : Latest Club News

A while ago members were made aware of some new “multi-mode” reflectors hosted in NZ. Whilst there was little discussion at the club on how these work, in short these reflectors allow the transcoding of  the 3 main digital radio modes (DMR/DSTAR/FUSION).  Meaning they talk to each-other regardless of the technology/mode.
The 2 main reflectors used in NZ were XLX626 and XLX750. However recently some changes were made to the 626 reflector and it seems to no longer transcode. As such, a decision has been made to change the ZL2KB DSTAR and DMR BrandMeister connections over to XLX750 and the service is working flawlessly.
More information about XLX750 will be posted in a seperate link shortly, along with some more information on the different digital modes to help members get on the air!
Special thanks to ZL1OZ  for hosting the XLX750 server, and for the hard work and dedication to making XLX750 a great service for amateurs around the world to use.