Welcome to Kapiti Branch 69

Who are we?

We are officially known as Kapiti Amateur Radio Society Inc, and we are an Amateur/Ham Radio club based right here on the Kapiti Coast.

Our callsign is ZL2KB, and we are Branch 69 of the New Zealand Associations for Radio Transmitters (NZART).

We have members of all ages and encourage anyone who is interested in Radio Communications, Computers or Electronics to come along and see what we are involved in.
You can find and contact us here.

What we do?

Amateur Radio is a great hobby to get into. It allows licensed operators to communicate with others locally and word wide using Radio Communications and to learn technical skills relating things such as Computers, Electronics and Engineering.

Unlike Mobile Phone and Internet, Radio is an “always on” technology and can be used in tiames of emergency as you generally don’t need mains power to operate.

As an example, our club is involved in a number of emergency exercises and activities in the local community, and we are also ready to assist with any LandSAR (search and rescue) call outs that are coordinated from the Kapiti area due to our great radio coverage.

Upcoming Events

Club Net - Every Wednesday Night
7.30pm on 685 Repeater

Fox Hunt - 27 April 2019
Whilst this will be a smaller event, it is a good opportunity to test equipment and introduce the newbies into the activity.

Latest Club News


Recently at the clubrooms, we discussed doing a “Construction Day” each month, to try get members back into the swing of designing and making neat things. Items of discussion ranged from from Antennas (for the fox hunt coming up), to Electronic Kits, to HomeBrew items of interest. As such, we have added a new section

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Website Migrated

A few months ago, the server that hosted the ZL2KB website in the USA reached operating capacity. As a result of this, the website response time slowed significantly and the website often timed out. There was also no room for new content to be uploaded. The cost involved to “upgrade” the server was not proportional

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XLX750 – Multi Mode Digital Reflector

A while ago members were made aware of some new “multi-mode” reflectors hosted in NZ. Whilst there was little discussion at the club on how these work, in short these reflectors allow the transcoding of  the 3 main digital radio modes (DMR/DSTAR/FUSION).  Meaning they talk to each-other regardless of the technology/mode. The 2 main reflectors

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DSTAR – Online

The upgrade to the ZL2KB-C DSTAR Gateway is now completed, and has now been migrated to a MMDVM Modem board which is replacing the old DVRPTR. Things seem very stable and there have been many reports of good quality audio again. The DSTAR Dashboard has changed slightly, but gives a lot more information about the

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DSTAR – Offline/Upgrade

Over the last few months there has been some ongoing intermittent issues with the DSTAR repeater. Whilst the repeater up the hill has been OK, the gateway side of the DSTAR setup seems to have been playing up on the odd occasion. As such, we have decided it is time to look at upgrading the

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Clubroom Makeover – Part 3

The main clubroom has now been painted, and it looks great! Thank you again to those who have helped prep and paint, you efforts are invaluable. A special thanks to our resident electrician Len, who has replaced the old tube lights with new LED ones. And to top it all off, we have also been

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Clubrooms Makeover – Part 2

Stage 1 has been completed. The walls and ceiling of the main clubroom has been prepped/repaired and have been primed with special sealer, ready to paint. State 2 (painting the main room) has started, with the undercoat being applied to some of the walls. There is still a way go go yet, and we again

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