Our Hobby

Amateur Radio is a great hobby to get into. It allows licensed operators to communicate with others locally and worldwide using Radio Communications. Unlike Mobile Phone and Internet, Radio is an “always on” technology and can be used in times of emergency as you generally don’t need mains power to operate the radio. Most Amateur Radio operators will have hand held and battery operated radios, and larger antennas can be deployed with relative ease in next to no time.

As an example, our club is involved in a number of emergency exercises and activities in the local community, and we are also ready to assist with any LandSAR (search and rescue) call outs that are coordinated from the Kapiti area due to our great radio coverage.

But its not just about radio. Many members learn and share new technical skills relating things such as Computers, Electronics, 3D Printing and CAD Design, as well as networking via a dedicated Ham-Mesh network (long range Wifi Links). There really is something for everyone!