WiresX Analogue (FM) Node – User Guide

Introducing: Yaesu Fusion WiresX

What on earth is WiresX?
WiresX is a Yaesu proprietary system that provides national (if more nodes are established) and world wide connection of repeaters and nodes. It uses “rooms” (similar to DSTAR reflectors) to cluster the repeaters and nodes together forming logical channels. Some covering large areas of the US, UK, Japan etc others just a small area covered by one repeater.

The WiresX system is a combination of both Analogue and Digital digital repeaters and nodes. Most are operating in a digital mode, but ZL2KB Kapiti Node will be operating in analogue for ease of use.
However you can communicate with both digital and analogue repeaters and nodes were ever they are via the Zl2KB Kapiti WiresX Node.

What does this mean?
Using the WiresX system, anyone within range of the ZL2KB clubrooms should  have the ability to connect to many WiresX rooms (reflectors), nodes and repeaters. This includes but is not limited to the UK, US and Australian WiresX nodes and repeaters.

OK then how do I program my radio to access WiresX around Kapiti?
All you need to do is program your radio on simplex 144.630MHz, with a CTCSS tone of 88.5 on TX.
Its that simple!

Alright I have the radio programmed now how do I connect to the rooms (reflectors)?
You will need to send the appropriate DTMF tone sequence to select the room you wish to connect to.
When you have connected successfully a Morse code “C” will be heard.
At the end of this document is a list of some of the more popular rooms and their corresponding DTMF tone sequence.

What happens if I connect to a WiresX room and forget to disconnect or can not disconnect it?
The connection will be disconnected automatically after 10mins of inactive node activity.

I’m still confused. Is there somewhere I can go for more information?
Talk to one of the WiresX experts at the club for an explanation and practical demonstration and/or go to these internet sites for more information:

WiresX DTMF Commands

#66666 – Current Status of Node

#27721 – UK Hub
#24105 – AUS Hub
#21080 – America Link Network
#21493 – Minnesota Network
#27292 – Leeds UK (GB3WF)
#21042 – California US
#21637 – Austin Texas US
#28933 – Alabama US
#24160 – Melbourne AUS
#24105 – Townsville AUS (VK4JPA)

To disconnect, send a  *  DTMF Tone.

You can also refer to this site for a list of all the rooms, nodes and repeaters that can be accessed via WiresX.